"This morning's conference was great!  It was a wide range of participants on the panels and that was a great way to hear a wide view of options and ideas from the panelists!  Kevin Hancock gets my vote for most open, honest and helpful answers to questions. He was outstanding and his thoughts today were very heartfelt and honest.  Take away the layers of "facade" and discuss the truth of what it's like and how you face the issuers."
- Janet Cole Cross, Career Coach, Cole Cross Connections, LLC

A casting call for mentors & protégés - Come join us!

  • October 06, 2015
  • 5:00 PM - 7:00 PM
  • The Press Hotel, 119 Exchange Street, Portland, ME 04101


  • Register one or more Future Members as a mentor.
  • Register one or more members as a mentor.
  • Register one or more Future Members as a protege.
  • Register one or more members as a protege.

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Join the IFOB for an informal mixer to share your expertise and learn from others

While there are highly organized formal mentoring programs that have goals, schedules, and evaluations, at the IFOB, we would like to have an informal Next Generation mentoring program for the professionals that will be the next generation leading the family business.

Members and Future Members welcome,
all generations!

Mentoring describes a developmental relationship between a mentor who is an experienced and trusted adviser and a protégé who is a person who is guided and supported by a more experienced person.  We reached out to our Next Generation group and they have identified the following topics of interest they would like guidance from mentors.

1. Balancing personal and professional life in your family business

2. Financial decisions- Knowing when to take risks

3. Learning from experience- How to turn failures/setbacks into lessons

4. Understanding transparency- How much is too much?

5.  When to be passionate vs. when to be practical

Register yourself today as either a

1) Mentor or a

2) Protégé to discuss these topics. 

All attendees will have the opportunity to mix and mingle in a casual setting to make a possible connection with a mentor or a protégé in an area of expertise regardless of age. We’ll identify who is who and we’ll have five mentors in particular who will share one on one’s with the protégé’s covering these topics. 

Our hope is that mentors will get to know protégés and then they could meet at a future time over coffee, on the phone and help guide the protégé with some of the mentor’s knowledge and expertise.  By building this unique relationship, each participant will have a chance to grow and learn from each other.

We’ll also hear from a successful mentoring and protégé relationship fostered by the IFOB.

(Includes hors d’oeuvres and cash bar)

For more information contact: catherine@fambusiness.org )

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